Monday, 1 February 2010

My pledge for dressing

Now that I spend most of my time working from home I have found it increasingly easy to fall into the habit of not getting dressed until lunch time. Having spent a number of years going to work in a business suit I didn’t think this would ever happen to me.

It is so easy to do, you get up see everyone off to school or work, get on to the computer and start your day and before you know it, it's lunch time!

The thing is I remember once when I was working as an Estate Agent we were allowed to come to work in our casual clothes and for a charity day .They had to still be smart but no suits were required, this felt liberating however I soon felt that I wasn't working as well as I could do, strange I know but it was like my uniform and without it I wasn't 'The estate Agent' I was just me..

Last week I was called to see if I would do an interview for the Daily Mail on divorce I said yes and a little time later a journalist rang and carried out an interview with me. All was well until she said she would be sending a photographer around very soon, ‘ARRRGGG’ I thought because I was still in my dressing gown so wasn't prepared for the day in front of me and what that might throw at me.

So my pledge for February and the rest of the year is to go back, not to the business suits but to getting up and properly dressed in smart casual wear that should see me through most things!

The last thing I want to happen is that I declined further with my non dressing until I end up being interviewed as this Welsh lady did recently after going to Tesco in her pyjamas!


Kate said...

I can sooo associate with you on this one! Once you get up and onto the computer, time seems to race by and after what you could swear was only half an hour, three hours have passed. Where on earth does it go?! It never went that quickly when I worked for someone else!

Good for you making a pledge to yourself to getting 'properly' dressed, even when working at home. It's something I will have to have a crack at too, thank you for sharing with us,

Kate x

Hayley said...

I read a really interesting article about this a while ago and how working from home often means you slob about in trackies etc but that it doesnt help motivation or something, its made me make more of a concious effort when I need to get something done to actually make myself feel good first!

Good for you :D